Sunday 21 April 2013

Vocations Sunday


Pray for priests.

Pray for good priests.

Pray for good and holy priests.

Pray for many good and holy priests.

Pray for many good and holy priests from among the families you know.


Pray that those young men and boys who are not called to become priests, become good and holy husbands and fathers, because without many good and holy husbands and fathers there will be no families from which the many good and holy priests that we need must come.


St John Vianney: Ora pro nobis!

Saint Joseph: Ora pro nobis!


...and let us never also forget to pray for girls and women to be called to the religious life, to serve Our Lord be the great powerhouses of prayer, contemplation and teaching that have and continue to be integral to the Church Militant.
Carmelite martyrs

...and let us pray that those girls not called to serve God in the religious life may embrace their roles as good and holy wives and mothers who may, with the complementary help of good and holy husbands, and the support of good and holy priests and religious, bring up children for the greater glory of God in an atmosphere that will be fertile for vocations to the priesthood and religious life.



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