Friday 12 April 2013

Pro-Ecclesia et Pontiface "Faith of our Fathers" conference 2013


A friend sent me details of this upcoming conference which sounds sounds interesting: how can you resist an event where Fr Hunwicke and Michael Voris share top billing? And it's a snip at a mere tenner.

Details of the programme and where to buy tickets listed below. I've copied the event notice from the Pro-Ecclesia et Pontiface website.

The event also has a Facebook page


Every informed Catholic must see that the Church is now in crisis. As long ago as 1993, Pope John Paul wrote in Section 5 of his Encyclical Veritatis Splendour that “the Church is now certainly facing a genuine crisis” This ‘genuine crisis’ must be addressed soon, or it will become a genuine disaster.

The time has come to stop arguing about the cause of the crisis and to start taking steps to solve it. We do know that it is a crisis of Ignorance, for Pope Benedict XVI told us in 2003, when, as Cardinal Ratzinger, he launched the Commission to compile “The Compendium”, “our problem now is widespread religious ignorance.” This means we can only address it by admitting that religious ignorance, and nothing else, is our main problem and then by giving well structured, complete and sound Catholic teaching in our schools and parishes again - whatever the resistance by those who prefer the ‘new’ failed teaching.

We no longer have any time to waste. Latest official figures show that 96% of Catholic school leavers lapse from the Faith every year, so if nothing is done, it will be only a short time before the Church in this country is reduced to small scattered pockets of believers served by a few travelling priests. Already Catholic churches are being sold and even elderly priests are looking after two or three parishes.

How to make this problem known.

We have decided to hold a Conference next May 11th, 2013 in London to show everyone how this appalling ignorance arose when we were once so well taught that H.E. Cardinal Spellman of New York was able to say in 1964 at the second Vatican Council that “Never before has the Church had such a well-informed laity."

Details of the Conference for your diary.

Name “The Catholic Church; Crisis and Revival.”
Date Saturday 11th May 2013.
Venue The Regent Hall, 275, Oxford Street, London W1C 2DJ

Times Doors open 9.30, Talks begin 10.00,
Lunch 12.00 to 1.30. Conference ends 4.00

Tickets £10 each, available on the day or from Graham Moorhouse, 118, Shepherd’s Lane, Dartford, London DA1 2NN graham @

The programme for the day will include:

Prayers and Devotions led by our Chaplain Father Leaworthy;

10.15 – 11.15 brief talks on

1. How this crisis arose – Daphne McLeod
2. How a victim of Modern Catechetics feels – Paul Smeaton
3. Graham Moorhouse reads two letters -
a) one from a Catholic Diocesan worker;
b) one from a Catholic teacher of R.E. dismissed for teaching the true Faith.
4. Why we Home-school our children – Tom Windsor.

11.15 Father Hunwicke – “The Catholic Faith in A Hostile Culture.”

12.00 The Angelus, then break for Lunch.

1.30 Harriet Murphy B.A. D.Phil. – “Feminist Dissent in the Church”

2..30 Michael Voris – “The Future of the Church in Europe.”
You can visit Michael’s web-site at

4 .00 Final Prayers and Close.


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