Wednesday 21 July 2021

My favourite bigot

 A quick post to warm-up the blogging fingers: it's time to start writing again. 

While all has been quiet on this blog there have been some excellent new contenders for the coveted title of Bloggers We Would Most Like To Invite to Dinner. This year's top entry is from Northern Ireland. The Belfast Bigot is a pseudonymous blog by a self-proclaimed bigot who has the measure of secularism as well as a scalding way with words. 

A Christian and pro-lifer, the BB is more rational than the rationalists, brighter than the brights, and considerably funnier than either. See Thou shalt not be biased: the fallacy of secular neutrality to get a flavour. At my fantasy bloggers dinner party Mr Bigot will sit across from Bruvver Eccles, and the wit will carry us through four courses with ease.

Covid restrictions being what they are, I think the party may have to wait some time ... but while menu preparations are underway and the table is being set you might want to pop over to Belfast and see what the Bigot has to say