Saturday 7 July 2012

"You have shown me the way to Ars, now I will show you the way to Heaven."

Photo: Catholic Church (England and Wales)

We drove for over four and a half hours each way on Thursday to spend an hour and a half in prayerful contemplation before the heart of Saint Jean Marie Vianney in Saint Anthony's Church, Wythenshawe, and it was worth every moment. Hearty and heartfelt praise are owed to Bishop Mark Davies for organising the visit of this precious relic which will undoubtedly bring an outpouring of graces to the Catholic Church in England. In addition to the long queues to venerate the heart of the Cure d'Ars, it was encouraging to see long queues for the many confessionals.

There is still time to see, venerate and pray before this important relic: now more than ever our priests need the intercession of Saint Jean Marie Vianney. See below for the remaining dates. Even if you only manage a short visit after a long journey it will be worthwhile.

Working in ever-wonderful ways the Holy Spirit ensured that we bumped into a lovely family that we know while at the church in Wythenshawe; they live close by and invited us back for dinner and we spent a very pleasant couple of hours at their home before driving back to London: the children rounding off a solomn afternoon with a rowdy splashing session in a large paddling pool. The mutual support and fellowship between families seemed to underline the parallel and complimentary vocations of priest and families. Our families need our priests, and all priests come from families. Saint Jean Marie Vianney - Ora pro nobis!


  1. We visited the relics of St Therese and felt many graces as a result. It would be lovely to see if we could spend time in this special way with this wondeful saint also, especially as the priesthood is so much on our mind lately. Thank you for the encouragement to look into it.

  2. St.Jean Vianney is one of the saints I pray to the most - for priests. I love his life story, so challenging and inspiring. I doubt if the precious relic will reach NZ - or if it would be welcomed if it did come! Our priests need so much prayer.