Wednesday 25 July 2012

Catholic Home Education UK - an interesting new blog

Home education: sometimes our classroom looks like this!

A good start for a new blogging endeavour by Amanda Lewin, a UK Catholic home education veteran with some 15 years experience. The face of home education - and its Catholic variant - has changed over the past decade as more families find home ed not only an acceptable, but also a viable educational option and family lifestyle. The first post tackles the thorny issue of whether or not to follow the UK exam system (usually iGCSE for home educated children) rather than follow a broader Classical curriculum as provided by one of the various American home education curriculum providers. The blog is "dedicated to supporting those who may choose or have chosen to follow the UK system instead of an alternative one." 

Interested in Home Ed? Catholic? British? Keep an eye on this one then.


  1. Amanda Lewin it is really a good step. Your greatness comes out of you from such nice work. Still humanity is alive on the planet. Swedish Translation

  2. I have just seen this most gracious comment, Darren, and I thank you for it very much.

    Thank you too, Annie Elizabeth, for posting in the new blog.

    I pray many Catholic home educators will find it helpful and will contribute to it.

    God bless!