Tuesday 25 March 2014

Tablet making you sick?

...here's a simple, Traditional home remedy: print up a few of the signs below and leave them on the newsstand of any parish foolish enough to sell heretical lavatory paper masquerading as a Catholic journal...

(...these are a 2010 version, but easily updatable and I'm sure that you can make up your own suitable wording...)


... Oh, and btw these were just spotted and photographed at the back of a church, who knows who might have left them there...



  1. Fantastic idea! I admit that I tend to move all the copies of the Tablet under piles other publications in my parish. They're for sale on a flat table at the back so no one can possibly see them!

  2. I always turn over the top copy of the pile when I find them in a church (or cathedral) so that the usually non eye-catching back cover is the one on show!