Saturday 23 November 2013

Identity politics

Four year old son was in a philosophical mood today.

"Mummy" he said, "do you know what I am?"

"Go on..."

"Well... I'm a talking human being... and a Catholic ... and an Englishman."

This was pronounced with a face beaming with certainty and pride. No confusion there then, Deo gratias! He can certainly talk for England anyway...





  1. Your little lad definitely knows who he is - wonderful! I wish I had known who you were on Saturday! I did not connect you with your blog. I remember reading your post about 'not knowing what to expect at Mass in French churches' and no doubt we could have exchanged some stories!

    I got a surprise when I was in Paris in October and went to the Saturday evening Mass in Notre Dame. It turned out to be a special Mass for a South American feast day with a very loud brass band leading the procession and Peruvian pipes playing during the Mass. It was mainly in Spanish including the homily which was lost on me but I was impressed by the enthusiasm and piety of those present. A Brazilian lady next to me kindly gave me a leaflet in French to read during the sermon about the festival and I understand it is held each year there. I have had many surprises attending Masses in France but it made a change to be pleasantly surprised this time!

    Many congratulations to you and all your family for the delicious meal on Saturday - the sticky pudding was fantastic!

  2. Out of the mouths of much wisdom. I pray he is always so sure about who he is. May God bless and protect him always!