Thursday 2 May 2013

Little Acts of Kindness

It's funny how a small thoughtful gesture can brighten the most banal day. Last week I accidentally left my house-keys behind at the home of a lovely family whose parents also happen to be my youngest son's God-parents. We had been celebrating St George's Day (somewhat belatedly, as it was Tuesday) and had been tucking into the remains of the giant dragon cake with the help of all our children. When there's cake about, it's easy to forget about things like house keys...

My husband popped by to collect my keys yesterday and discovered a small addition: a beautiful leather cross had been added to the keyring. The father of the family is a master shoemaker and, I assume, had cut the cross from an offcut of leather.

I've smiled every time I've used my keys today, and it's been a salutory reminder that small and simple acts can be a real gift to their recipients.


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