Sunday 19 August 2012

Desecration, false tolerance, and the dangers of "traditional values"

Hot on the heel of ludicrous liberal media protests about the "severity" of the Pussy Riot verdict (look at the Guardian report - it doesn't even bother to mention that it's the most sacred of all Moscow churches, nor that a vile desecration took place - simply that there was "a protest" in "a cathedral", and even the usually sensible Spectator has been taken over by )... comes the very sad news that in Ukraine a group of self-proclaimed "militant feminists" FEMED have publically profaned a crucifix in the Kiev suburb of Majdanyj Nezalezhnost.

Equally stomach churning is the news that the OSCE (Organisation for Cooperation and Security in Europe) have criticized the verdict as representing a dangerous tendency towards curbing freedom of expression:
Charges of hooliganism and religious hatred should not be used to curb freedom of expression. Speech no matter how provocative, satirical or sensitive should not be restricted or suppressed and under no circumstances should it lead to imprisonment

So in other words, you can go into a church and say or do anything you like, as long as you claim that you're exercising your freedom of expression.

Does the OSCE actually believe that "under no circumstances" freedom of expression should be curbed? Holocaust deniers? Individuals inciting violence against groups of people or against the state itself? Mad mullahs exhorting loners to blow themselves up? Under no circumstances? Or does that just apply to people dissing Christianity? Would this extend to calmly and respectfully explaining the biblical position on homosexuality and marriage in a gay nightclub?

...or would that constitute a hate crime?

This is also the week that the UN Human Rights Council declared that many "traditional values are in conflict with human rights" and that "traditional and cultural values in Western countries propagate harmful practices, such as domestic violence".

Pray that our children will survive spiritually intact in this Brave New World.

Our Lady of Perpetual Succour: Ora pro nobis!

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