Tuesday 15 May 2012

While the world carried on as usual...

...here, in the orchard, blogging slowed to a halt. The last couple of months have been exceptionally busy, and the pressing responsibilities of being a mother, wife and home educator have had to supersede the desire to blog. My senior blogging colleague, Mistress Mulier of Fortis, consoles me that it "doesn't matter" ... But Oh!  it jolly well does! Blogging is a little bit of 'me' detached from daily life: the blog matters to me, even if only about 10 people read it (hello in Stony Plain, Alberta!) . Getting it all out into cyberspace also saves me from muttering about things beneath my breath and being mistaken for a nutjob ("Never" you gasp!). This blog is one mother's green-ink letter to the world. Even if it isn't written in green ink. And even if only 10 people read it. And I know 8 of them.

Highlights of the past few weeks include a family retreat (Saint Catherine's Trust / LMS) to the Reading Oratory, a short surprise trip to Rome spent almost entirely in Saint Peter's Basillica, DD1's First Holy Communion, a week up North visiting relatives with the obligatory trip to the Dome of Home thrown in, and, most recently, a five day migrane which is just beginning to wane.

I promise to try to do better. I have some lovely photos from San Pietro which I'll attempt to put up in the next week or so, but most pressing is to join the "I am Sparticus" brigade (or, more aptly, "I am Cranmer") and support His Grace vs the ASA. If we don't act now to support our right to express support for marriage as it has been understood since the dawn of time, we risk losing the right to express our views on many more controversial issues.

Are you offended? Then why are you still here reading this?


  1. Surely it was DD1's FHC? I assume DD stands for "darling daughter" and she's your eldest daughter... or have I been misreading all these initials on the blogs?

    And thanks for the link...!

  2. Eagle-eyed as ever Mac ;-) ...you're right, it was child #2, so dd1. This migrane is doing my head in, literally.

    I always thought dd stood for "dear daughter" - either way an Americanism but a useful shortcut.