Saturday 14 January 2012

Spot the difference

...between this

and this:

Doing the hokey-cokey? Nope, they're praying. Honestly.

The first is a group of children dancing the hokey-cokey. Lots of fun in a theme-park or playground. Not really the sort of thing you associate with the Sacrifice on the Cross.

The second is, apparently - if rumours are to be believed, on the verge of becoming an accepted form of the sacred liturgy of the Catholic Church.

Apart from the costumes, I can't see much difference. 

Twitch of the mantilla to Fr. John Boyle


  1. Jean, accidentally deleted yr comment - cld you resend?

  2. Please say that that won't happen!

  3. I recall there was quite a hoo-hah a few years ago around suggestions that the Hokey-Cokey was, in fact, an attempt to mock the traditional Latin Mass. It even made the Telegraph at one point ( The eventual verdict was that this was mere conjecture and that the song and dance probably date from the 1940's.
    Your post does make one wonder if the case isn't completely closed.