Wednesday 9 November 2011

Prayer to St. Raphael, Angel of Happy Meetings

O Raphael, lead us towards those we are waiting for, those who are waiting for us! 
Raphael, Angel of Happy Meetings, lead us by the hand towards those we are looking for! 
May all our movements, all their movements, be guided by your Light 
and transfigured by your Joy.

Angel Guide of Tobias, lay the request we now address to you 
at the feet of Him on whose unveiled Face you are privileged to gaze. 
Lonely and tired, crushed by the separations and sorrows of earth, 
we feel the need of calling to you and of pleading for the protection of your wings, 
so that we may not be as strangers in the Province of Joy, 
all ignorant of the concerns of our country.

Remember the weak, you who are strong--you whose home lies beyond the region of thunder,
 in a land that is always peaceful, always serene, 
and bright with the resplendent glory of God. 

Baby Raphael, gone back to God after 10 weeks in my womb, 
pray for us your family who love you so very much, until we meet again, 
under the gaze of our loving Father in heaven.


  1. Thanks for this Annie, it has come at a very appropriate time.

  2. I'm praying for you in your sorrow. What joy awaits you when you meet Raphael in Heaven.