Friday 16 September 2011

Who says traditional habits aren't cool?

OSB: The original hoodies
Photo: BroDavidOSB

We've had a really nice Benedictine Brother visiting our parish recently, much to the interest of my eldest son who is 9.   After Mass this morning I reminded my son -- as always -- that it's anti-social to walk around with the hood of his jumper worn up.

"Sorry mum, you can't ask me to put my hood down any more..." was his reply "...I'm practising to be a Benedictine."



  1. I understand that if a Benedictine has his hood up it signifies that he is praying and shouldn't be disturbed (at Ampleforth, at least). No doubt your son will be doing the same!!

  2. @Mater mari - I'm not sure if that's always the case, as processing in and out from Mass (for example) the hood is worn up ... but I think I'll mention this to my son anyway next time I see the hood up! ;-)

  3. So do the monks not pray while they process in and out of Mass? I would rather have hoped that they did!