Sunday, 21 August 2011

Biretta Barbie

This is just so very, very WRONG.

So wrong, in fact, that it's actually an eloquent essay in why the whole idea of female ordination is a non-starter, pictures being worth a thousand words and all that jazz. Where do you start?'s from a state-side Episcopalian blog, if you hadn't already guessed.


  1. Heheheheh... actually, I quite like the cassock. Rather a slimming design. Check out what I wrote a couple of years ago...

    Not keen on the biretta.


  2. @Mac - I'd forgotten about that post but I remember reading it when you wrote it!

    Actually, looking at Barbie, she's blonde, she's wearing black, all she needs is to be accessorised with a cat and I can change the caption to "Mac's new look" ;-P

  3. ;-D

    Except for the biretta and the clerical collar...