Sunday 26 June 2011

New video game, useful for Papal Ninja training?

Cathedral Dodge (subtitle: avoid the extra-extra-extraordinary-somethingorothers)

[Extra points if done with several small children in tow]: 

Can't go straight up the aisle, there's one blocking the priest. OK, left...down the side aisle...  then left again ... then left...NO! There's another one, standing right in the middle of the church for no apparent reason. Smile blankly. Turn left again ... join the correct queue in the centre aisle. Follow shuffling line of worshippers wondering how this can be reverent. Genuflect. Receive Our Lord gratefully. Do a full circuit of the cathedral to get back to your seat 5 feet to the left of where the priest was standing, passing at least a dozen extra-extra-extra-ordinarysomethingorothers en-route. Kneel. Pray thankfully, in part that you don't have to work this hard every Sunday to receive Our Lord from consecrated hands.

Next Sunday we're back at Chapelle Saint Rita. As my 9 year old said: "Mummy, the Latin Mass is so much *simpler*".

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